8 Best Reasons Why Put A Crayon In Wallet While Travel

Why Put A Crayon In Wallet While Travel

When traveling, crayons come in helpful because you’ll need to mark maps, signposts, and other crucial locations. Additionally, you can use them to jot down information that you might require.

It is very important to keep crayons close to you when traveling, to know the reasons why put a crayon in wallet while travel, keep reading!

When traveling, using crayons as entertainment is a terrific idea. You can highlight particular global regions that you’d like to travel to.

On long car or plane flights, crayons can be a terrific way to keep toddlers occupied. They are affordable, simple to pack, and useful for a range of tasks. Here are some suggestions for crayon activities when traveling:

Put traces of your destination on the Plexiglas or window in front of you.

While you’re waiting at the airport, create portraits of your loved ones.

While you’re on vacation, create a photo book.

Crayons are useful to have when traveling. They are versatile and tiny, taking up little room and taking up little space. 

They can be used to annotate a map, jot down notes, or create doodles.

Traveling can be an amazing experience.

Why Put A Crayon In Wallet While Travel

It is an absurd idea to carry a crayon in your wallet along with the essential items, but it is very helpful. 

It can be pretty helpful in preventing your cards from bending in the wallet and it is also helpful for making notes and entertaining children. 

We will talk about some of the situations in which a crayon can be helpful. There are many benefits of why put a crayon in your wallet while travel. Let us discuss them thoroughly:

Save a child’s life

Save a child’s life

A crayon can be a discreet way of assisting, if you are traveling somewhere and notice a child displaying concerning behavior and acting uncomfortable and you suspect danger.

As a crayon is pretty tiny, you can subtly hand it to the child. The child could write you a note indicating danger, while a child playing with a crayon would not attract much attention. 

If writing a note is not possible, children could leave markings along the floors and walls to make it easier to follow them. In this way, carrying a crayon in your wallet could be very useful to save a child’s life.

This is the first reason why put a crayon in wallet while travel.

Write on the go

Write on the go

To write whenever necessary is the most apparent use of keeping a crayon in your wallet. As an adult to relieve stress or anxiety, you can also use the crayon to doodle or draw. 

Draw or write on paper to keep yourself distracted, if you dislike traveling on planes. To write reminders for yourself or to make creative pointers, crayons are very useful. 

The crayon does not require sharpening and does not snub, unlike a pencil, which you often have to sharpen due to the lead easily breaking. 

Prevent cards from bending 

Prevent cards from bending

It is often seen that credit cards or other essential business cards get bent easily in your wallet, due to the flexible and soft nature of most wallets. 

While this does not seem like a massive issue, bending of plastic cards may lead to them snapping in half. There is a simple trick to slip a crayon into the card slot of the wallet. 

It will prevent the cards from bending and losing their shapes, since the crayon is stiff and rigid.

This is another good reason of why put a crayon in wallet while travel.

Entertain a child

Entertain a child

Carrying a crayon while traveling in your wallet is very helpful to entertain a child. Hand the crayon to the child, so that the child will either be mesmerized by the colorful little object. 

While traveling, you may often find yourself in situations where you are responsible for watching one and keeping them entertained. 

If the child is old enough, they will start drawing onto arbitrary surfaces and keep themselves busy.

Composing a check

Composing a check

Crayon checks are a common and appropriately universal trick. The approach is effective, since most individuals are unfamiliar with checks.

If someone steals your wallet along with a checkbook and cards won’t know what a traditional checking account is like. It will surely draw attention to the thief. 

Later, you can complain to the police about your wallet so they can assist you in finding your wallet.

Emergency candle and fire starter

Emergency candle and fire starter

We can use crayons as emergency candles and fire starters. For some tinder or light the end for a candle, tear up the wrapper around the crayon that can burn for up to 30 minutes.

To keep kids occupied

To keep kids occupied

Having a kid that won’t stay still is the worst. Having crayons in your wallet keeps them busy in activities like playing hangman and doodling. 

Crayons are easy to pack

Crayons are easy to pack

Be sure to include some crayons on your upcoming vacation. Since crayons are simple to pack, having one with you when traveling can be useful.

This is the last reason why put a crayon in wallet while travel.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Traveling

Interesting additions to a traveler’s toolset include crayons. They can be used as a writing tool in addition to being used for drawing and coloring.

Carrying a crayon can be useful in the following situations:

Maps and guidebooks can be coloured with crayons. If you’re traveling in a foreign nation and don’t speak the language, this is extremely useful.

When you’re lost, you can also use crayons to jot down phone numbers and addresses. If you have a moment, write down the details so you won’t have to look them up later.

Finally, crayons can be used to make sketches of your surroundings to help you reorient yourself if you ever find yourself lost in a distant region.

When Is It Safe to Bring a Crayon on a Trip?

When traveling, having a crayon on hand might be useful for signing paperwork and taking notes. Crayons can be harmful if not used properly, so it’s vital to keep that in mind. 

Crayons that break run the risk of getting in the eyes or other delicate places. Crayons can also leave stains on fabrics and other items if they are left lying around.


In this blog, we have discussed why put a crayon in wallet while travel. When traveling, having a crayon on hand might be useful since it enables you to create marks on walls or ceilings that could be challenging to see or scale.

This not only makes moving around easier, but it also enables you to make notes or draw sketches if you need to recall something while you are away. 

Therefore, the next time you’re organizing a trip, be sure to bring your crayon just in case.

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