Where To Stay In Athens – 10 Best Place To Stay In Athens

where to stay in athens

Where To Stay In Athens – Making travel plans to Athens? I’ll give you some advice so you can pick the greatest region in Athens because it might not seem like the easiest thing in the world to decide where to stay!

I’ve chosen 8 great places, including Koukaki for a local feel, Psyri for nightlife, and Monastiraki for shoppers. You’ll no doubt find something that fits both your interests and your budget. But Plaka, which is incredibly convenient and authentic, is where I’d suggest staying in Athens.

The best hotels become booked QUICKLY because this city is a popular and reasonably priced holiday destination in Europe, therefore I advise making your reservation as soon as you decide where to stay!

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about where to stay in Athens in detail. If you want to know about where to stay in Nashville.

Where To Stay In Athens


Where To Stay In Athens – There are many local restaurants and bars where Athenians go to relax and enjoy their morning (or evening… or night) coffee, as well as many original markets, vibrant architecture, and small streets.

If you choose to stay in Plaka, you’ll be close to numerous significant landmarks, like the Acropolis, Agora, which is in my opinion a really attractive historical location, and the Byzantine and Christian Museum!


Ava Hotels Athens – You’ll receive 4-star service at the chic hotel, and I guarantee you’ll feel incredibly loved while there. It’s close to the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum and is ideal for culture enthusiasts.

Electra Metropolis – This modern hotel is perfectly situated in the heart of the city and offers lovely, spotless rooms, helpful staff, and a welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, it has a sun terrace with city views, a rooftop pool with a waterfall effect, and a fitness facility.


Where To Stay In Athens – The “Constitution Square,” also known as Syntagma Square, is famous because several historical events, including conflicts, took place there. Great restaurants, taverns, tavernas, bars (particularly on Valaoritou Street), and of course, shopping districts, abound in the region. You simply cannot miss the Greek Parliament building because it is located in the centre of the plaza.

So, the following are the top hotels in Syntagma if you wish to be in the heart of Athens:


Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens – One of the most well-known hotels in the entire city of Athens is the Grand Bretagne Hotel. This stunning 5-star hotel is located directly across from Syntagma Square and the Parliament building. It has a rooftop pool, a fine on-site dining option, exquisite accommodations, and more.

King George Hotel Athens – There are marble columns and chandeliers everywhere you look in this luxury collection hotel. Additionally, it is close to Plaka, Syntagma Square, and the metro station at Syntagma. If you wish to stay close to the Acropolis, it’s ideal!


Where To Stay In Athens – There was never a quiet moment in Psyri thanks to the city’s many clubs and pubs, which are especially prevalent around Iroon Square. Visit the Athens Central Market there, or go enjoy some ouzo—a classic Greek alcoholic beverage—concerts, street art, or a night of dancing at the bar.

Therefore, if you are a night owl seeking exciting options for nightlife, act quickly and reserve a room at one of these top hotels in Psyri:


The Artist Athens – If you want to be close to Ermou street, one of Athens’ top shopping districts, this hotel is fantastic! You will definitely appreciate your time here and especially the lovely terrace and the pleasant and tidy apartments.

MiraMe Boutique Hotel – This 4-star boutique hotel offers superb service, gorgeous, contemporary rooms, a restaurant, a bar, and views of the garden. This hotel, which is conveniently situated close to all the prominent attractions, has a rooftop bar restaurant with a breathtaking view of the Acropolis.


Where To Stay In Athens – The Monastiraki Flea Market, which comes to life every Sunday, is the reason Monastiraki is so well-known. You can find a good amount of souvenirs, trinkets, clothing, jewellery, and other items in the numerous shops in this area. Additionally well-known are Monastiraki’s numerous bars, eateries, and souvlaki stands.

As you can see, Athens is lots with interesting areas. 


360 Degrees – This great hotel features a stunning 360-degree rooftop restaurant and bar where you can take in the city views and sunset, and it is situated directly in Monastiraki Square.

The Zillers Boutique Hotel – If you wish to see the Acropolis, I strongly advise reserving a room at this stunning 4-star hotel! Along with many other top-notch amenities and services, they also feature a restaurant and bar on-site!


Where To Stay In Athens – A little South of the Acropolis is the Koukaki district, which is more calmer. It’s an area in the city where you can find authentic Greek bars and tavernas, lovely streets, great coffee, and more.

The heart of this community is Koukaki Square, and if you’re looking for traditional stores and eateries, Georgaki Olympiou Street or Drakou Street are the ideal places to be. Additionally, the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum are also within close proximity to this location.


Deluxe Penthouse – Views of famous sites like the Parthenon, Acropolis, Filopappou Hill, and Acropolis Museum may be seen from this beautiful 4-star luxury apartment. It offers outstanding service and properly furnished rooms.

Coco-mat Athens BC – Another top-notch 5-star hotel for your stay in Athens is available here! This one boasts gorgeous rooms, first-rate service, and a pool that is both indoors and outdoors. What more is there to ask for?


If you want to be close to a huge amount of great restaurants and shopping choices while visiting, the Kolonaki neighbourhood is the perfect place for you to stay. This location is fairly close to the Acropolis, to the northeast.

If you’re a fan of culture, I would also suggest Kolonaki. The Benaki Museum is located nearby and features a wide variety of modern and ancient Greek works of art.

You may even climb Lycabettus Hill while you’re there (Kolonaki is just at the bottom) or stroll down Tsakalof Street while you’re there to drink some coffee or, why not, wine.


Oniro City – Having a luxurious stay in Kolonaki is made possible by this amazing hotel! If you want to use a wine bar or a gym while you’re there, it’s a wonderful fit. The Acropolis, Syntagma Square, Ermou Street-Shopping Area, and many other spectacular sites are all conveniently close by.

Hotel Lozenge – This 4-star hotel is also a fantastic option. It features some stunning, contemporary rooms where visitors will undoubtedly feel pampered. The on-site restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine, bike rentals, the helpful staff, and more are just a few additional fantastic advantages.


Metaxourgeio It is quite accessible and has excellent public transit connections to the rest of the city. Additionally, it exudes a strong artistic spirit and is packed with amazing restaurants, art galleries, and, of course, cafes.

Avdi Square is the district’s focal point, and if you opt to stay here, you’ll be close to the National Archaeological Museum, which is essentially the neighborhood’s major attraction.


Wyndham Grand Athens – One of the top five-star hotels in Athens, Greece, offers a stunning rooftop pool, a spa, a gym, a lounge bar, and of course free Wi-Fi. It also has everything else you could possibly want.

Wyndham Athens Residence – On the other side, guests at this stunning 4-star hotel expect the same high-end treatment! I think it’s a nice bonus that this one is so close to the Metaxourgeio metro station! The décor, too? If you ask me, it’s really stunning!


Gazi is more focused on keeping costs low. It’s a terrific area to stay if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on lodging and it’s also a great destination for nightlife. If you want the best of both worlds, the main attractions are only 20 minutes away.

You won’t get bored in this area because it is also loaded with wonderful restaurants, cafes, pubs, and clubs. Oh, and don’t forget to visit Technopolis, a nearby industrial museum with lots of exhibitions and music.


47 Luxury Suites – This luxurious residence is the ideal illustration because to its exquisite design, rooftop garden, and hot tub. It’s the perfect location to make yourself feel pampered!

Thission Luxury Homes – I have another recommendation if you still haven’t decided where to stay in Athens that suits your taste for luxury in this area known for its nightlife. This stunning apartment offers free Wi-Fi, a lovely garden, and even bike rental options. What more could you want for when Monastiraki Square is so near by?

Conclusion (Where To Stay In Athens)

In this blog, we have discussed about the Where To Stay In Athens. We hope you have understood about Where To Stay In Athens easily. I covered all the essential information on the city’s top places and accommodations for visitors of ALL types in this incredibly helpful essay. You can relax knowing that the facilities and reviews for all the choices I mentioned above are superb!

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