What Is The Most Haunted Place In The USA

What Is The Most Haunted Place In The USA

What is the most haunted place in the USA? This is the question that pops up in every single person who is curious about visiting haunted places.

The United States is known for its wide-open sky and amber seas of grain, but it’s also the home of countless ghost stories. 

Travel from coast to coast to see some of the most spooky locations in the country, including abandoned asylums for the insane, Broadway theaters, and even a city zoo. 

And if ghosts aren’t your preferred traveling companions, don’t worry; these locations have enough culture, history, and stunning landscapes and buildings to keep you firmly grounded in this world.

At the end of the blog, in conclusion, we will give you the answer to your question: what is the most haunted place in the USA.

What Is The Most Haunted Place In The USA

Here in this list, you will see the top 11 haunted places in the USA. Out of which we will tell you which one is the most haunted place.

  • Bodie, California
  • Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia
  • Cahawba, Alabama
  • Calcasieu Courthouse, Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
  • Dock Street Theatre, Charleston, South Carolina
  • The Driskill, Austin, Texas
  • Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Emily’s Bridge, Stowe, Vermont
  • Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania
  • The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

To know what is the most haunted place in the USA you must read carefully about these top 11 haunted locations.

Bodie, California

When gold was discovered in the hills surrounding Mono Lake in the 1870s and ’80s, Bodie, a town of 10,000 people, experienced a boom. 

With elements of the town kept in a state of “arrested ruin,” including tables with place settings and businesses with suspiciously full shelves of goods, it is now a State Historic Park. 

It’s not shocking that there are several accounts of paranormal activity in this area, including ghost sightings and music coming from bars with their doors closed. 

Additionally, it is said that anyone who takes anything from Bodie, not even a rock, will be cursed with misfortune and health issues once they leave.

Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia

This cemetery is one that appeared in the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which will be familiar to any of you who grew up in the 1990s. 

The Savannah cemetery has a Southern Gothic feel, similar to the book, with worn-out Victorian monuments being shaded by Spanish moss. 

There are several famous people interred here, like the musician Johnny Mercer and the poet Conrad Aiken, but Gracie Watson is the one who merits a visit the most. 

Her tomb is marked by a life-size marble statue of her with her hand resting on a tree stump as a representation of her life being cut short at the young age of six. 

When they visit her cemetery, many tourists leave toys there, and some people claim to have seen Gracie’s spirit nearby. 

Other eerie reports of the Bonaventure include monuments that suddenly smile as visitors approach them and strange noises like dogs barking and screaming kids.

Keep reading! To know what is the most haunted place in the USA.

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Cahawba, Alabama

The longest river in Alabama, which meets the Alabama at the confluence of the Cahaba and the Alabama, gives its name to the state’s first capital and most well-known ghost town. 

It was abandoned after the Civil War, and nowadays, ghost tours and tales of paranormal activity are frequently held among its abandoned buildings, slave cemetery, and spooky cemeteries. 

The most well-known story is about how, soon after Colonel C.C. Pegues was killed in battle, a light floating orb appeared in his former garden maze. 

The phenomenon, which came to be known as “Pegues’s Ghost,” continues to draw enquiring people to the location today.

Calcasieu Courthouse, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Toni Jo Henry, a former sex worker, gained widespread notoriety after she brutally murdered a man in 1940. 

The “charming” Toni Jo was found guilty after three trials, and she was subsequently the first (and only) woman to be killed by lethal injection in Louisiana. 

However, it is said that she is still present at the courthouse, where staff members can sense her energy and even smell her flaming hair. 

Many contend that she tampers with routine operations at the courthouse, shutting doors and messing with office supplies in an effort to make life more difficult for the staff.

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Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The Crescent Hotel has performed a number of functions since it was built in 1886, including a luxury resort, junior college, and conservatory for young ladies. 

However, the weirdest event in its past occurred in 1937, when Norman G. Baker became its new owner. 

Despite having no medical experience, Baker, a billionaire entrepreneur, decided to pretend to be a doctor and transform the hotel into a facility that could “treat” cancer. 

He was eventually exposed and chased out of town, but according to stories, his ghost made its way back to the scene and met up with some unearthly companions. 

According to legend, the currently active Crescent Hotel is home to at least eight ghosts, ranging in age from a young girl to a bearded man dressed in Victorian garb.

Dock Street Theatre, Charleston, South Carolina

This location in downtown Charleston is one of the oldest theaters in America and has seen a lot of turmoil and drama through the years. 

The Planters Inn was constructed there after the original theater was destroyed by fire; it underwent a theater conversion in the 1930s. 

Nettie Dickerson, who, according to mythology, was hit by lightning while standing on the hotel’s balcony, is the most outlandish ghost in this place. 

It has been observed that her shadow, wearing a crimson gown, may be seen gliding down the theater’s second level. 

The famous actor Junius Brutus Booth, who frequented the inn and was the father of Lincoln murderer John Wilkes, was also present in an unearthly capacity.

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The Driskill, Austin, Texas

Since 1886, European travelers and wedding groups have been attracted to the grand Romanesque 

The Driskill hotel features contemporary rooms and a recognizable brick façade. It is a well-known landmark in Austin and, in the eyes of some, a hotspot for spirits. 

Travelers have reported hearing strange noises coming from the hotel’s elaborate hallways and seeing ghostly images of the hotel’s namesake, Jesse Driskill, whose portrait is still displayed in the lobby. 

They claim that Driskill was never able to overcome the grief of losing his hotel in a high-stakes poker game, and we can understand why: This hotel is difficult to leave behind.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When it was constructed in 1829, the castle-like Eastern State Penitentiary raised the bar for solitary confinement. 

Prisoners ate, exercised, and lived alone. When a prisoner left his cell, a guard would put a hood over his head to prevent him from seeing or being seen. 

From 1913 until it closed in 1970, the jail had to relinquish its isolation system owing to congestion, although the types of punishment did not lessen in severity (one example being chaining an inmate’s tongue to his wrists). 

With 15 haunted attractions inside the prison walls for Halloween, the location—one of the most haunted places in America—now draws thousands of people each year for both its museum and annual “Terror Behind the Walls” festival. 

Ghostly occurrences like pacing footsteps, shadowy figures, and strange laughing have been reported.

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Emily’s Bridge, Stowe, Vermont

Although New England is known for its beautiful covered bridges, some of them are more likely to inspire terror than joy. 

Consider Stowe’s 50-foot-long Emily’s Bridge, which is reputed to be the location of a young woman’s mid-1800s suicide. 

The story goes that Emily was due to meet her lover at the bridge to go on a date, but when he never showed up, she committed suicide by hanging herself from the rafters. 

Today, Emily’s spirit is rumored to be haunting the location with malice, tearing at passing cars and even scratching people’s backs until they bleed. 

Additionally, there are some less ominous spooks, including visions of a white apparition, unusual sounds, and footsteps coming from the tunnel.

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Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania

With around 50,000 young men losing their lives over the course of the three-day battle, the Battle of Gettysburg was one of the deadliest in American history. 

Many of the fallen troops were never given appropriate funerals, and many people think their ghosts are still wandering the battlefield looking for their weapons and friends.

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

Since the Stanley Hotel opened in 1909, tourists have been drawn to Estes Park by its grand Georgian architecture and legendary whiskey bar. 

However, Stanley rose to new heights of fame after serving as the model for Stephen King’s fictitious Overlook Hotel in The Shining. 

Aside from that unsettling association, the hotel has also been linked to numerous additional ghost sightings and creepy piano music. 

The Stanley Hotel smartly capitalizes on its notoriety by providing nightly ghost tours and psychic readings from the on-site Madame Vera.


We hope we are able to clear all your queries related to what is the most haunted place in the USA.

In this blog, we have discussed the 11 top haunted places in the USA.

Out of these 11 locations, if you ask what is the most haunted place in the USA then our answer will be, “Bodie, California.”

That is because anyone who stays there and takes anything from that place has been cursed and faces several health problems after leaving that place.

It is advised that if you have a weak heart avoid visiting these places and if you visit never bring anything from these types of places.

We hope we are able to clear your queries related to what is the most haunted place in the USA.

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