Texas launches investigation of Tom Brady over FTX promotion

Texas might be a state Tom Brady wants to stay away from. more time.

Brady and Steph Curry are the subject of a Texas probe on their FTX promotion efforts.

Daniel Wallach, a sports attorney, also mentions that the Texas State Securities Board has submitted a Notice of Appearance in the FTX bankruptcy case.

It might only be the start. Months before FTX's collapse, federal prosecutors apparently looked into the company.

It might only be a matter of time before the indictments are issued given how quickly the corporation has crumbled.

Brady, who in 2021 was named a brand ambassador for FTX, and Curry have already been named in a lawsuit relating to the collapse of the crypto house of cards.

The claim is that it has always been a pyramid scheme, with celebrities hired to get people to purchase, buy, buy in order to raise the price.

Then, as the early entrants begin to pay out, other people steal their money, and everything collapses. the bag being held by the last person to swallow the hook.

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