Steph Curry Sued Over FTX Promotions

Steph Curry was involved in the dreadful demise of FTX, which peaked as one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world but later filed bankruptcy.

Curry and the Warriors have been named as defendants in the class action case brought against Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of FTX, 

and a number of well-known endorsers, including Naomi Osaka, Tom Brady, and Larry David.

It should not be surprising that Shaq's name appeared in the lawsuit given the extremely small amount of products he hasn't supported.

Curry, Shaq, and other athletes are accused by the crypto investors backing the lawsuit of misleadingly marketing FTX's goods.

In addition, Curry was charged with encouraging "adoption of the Deceptive FTX Platform" and selling accounts to "unaware and uninformed retail buyers."

Because of their affiliation with FTX, which includes on-court signage and an NFT relationship, the Warriors were highlighted.

Cryptocurrency has long been viewed as a dangerous investment due to market volatility, which means the money you hope to invest could only be used to purchase a 2009 Kia Sportage.

But for others, like Steph, dealing with the legal system is the worst pain associated with the cryptocurrency industry.

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