Packers escape Chicago with comeback win

The Green Bay Packers had their ups and downs during the game, but they prevailed over the Chicago Bears to move up to 5-8 overall as they enter their bye week.

The Packers had some setbacks, as I hinted at earlier, but since they were a more talented team than Chicago, they were able to overcome these mistakes.

You wouldn't have known that from seeing the Packers dominate for the majority of Sunday's game 

despite the Bears' secondary being severely weakened and their defensive front struggling to apply pressure and stop the run.

Even though Rodgers was throwing the ball about, Green Bay continued to run the ball, relying heavily on AJ Dillon, and had a good run-pass balance.

Aaron Jones had a shin injury, but he was never formally declared to be out. After having a difficult first half of the season, Dillon has recently appeared much better.

Christian Watson is one of the season's few shining lights. He keeps making big plays when it counts.

Watson, who has changed the game in Green Bay, was the WR1 the Packers were looking for.

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