Matt Araiza plans to continue his NFL career

On Wednesday, the San Diego Head prosecutor declared that previous Bills punter Matt Araiza won't have to deal with criminal penalties for assault. 

Araiza has given an explanation communicating an aim to continue playing master football.

"I'm thankful that the Head prosecutor and the San Diego Police Office have found the real factors and tracked down no criminal bad behavior," 

Araiza said in a proclamation gave by his representative, Joe Linta. "I'm eager to proceed with my NFL profession."

The Bills cut Araiza in late August, after media reports exposed the supposed assault.

The Bills made sense of that Araiza ought to concentrate settling his lawful ensnarements.

It is not yet clear whether a NFL group will sign him. Araiza stays a respondent in a common case claiming assault.

Despite the fact that he faces no NFL discipline on the grounds that the occurrence occurred before he was drafted,

the inquiry becomes whether any group will need to expect a P.R. issue for a tradable position like punter.

Some might choose to hold on until the common case is finished. Some may not think about him by any means.

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