Kyrie Irving speaks out about Brooklyn Nets suspension

Kyrie Irving, a Brooklyn Nets player, has now spoken about the suspension he received as a result of his conduct on social media.

He received a minimum five-game suspension from the NBA team for promoting antisemitic materials on his own social media platforms.

The Nets benched him due to his refusal to accept responsibility for his behavior.

Despite rumors that he was meeting with NBA commissioner Adam Silver and Nets owner Joe Tsai, he has been quiet on social media.

On Sunday, he finally broke his silence when he released a lengthy Twitter statement regarding his alleged antisemitism.

He added, "I was not intended here on earth to incite racial strife or prejudice within communities or take part in any religious/political warfare."

"We are all created equal under the sun, and I am here to help create that world while also adhering to the Word of the Most High/GOD/YAH."

Both Irving's supporters and detractors responded right away on Twitter. Why have you still not realised that

Twitter is NOT a suitable fit for you and the way you want to communicate with the rest of the world? said one user.

The Nets owe you millions, according to one user, and another added, "We love you and stand with you Kyrie."