Joe Burrow is doing just fine without Ja'Marr Chase

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Tunnel has discreetly burst into flames after the slow beginning.

Also, he's doing quite a bit of it without Ja'Marr Pursue.

Tunnel and the Bengals have won six of eighta after the 0-2 beginning and four of their last five, 

which has placed them in a season finisher spot and only one game off the AFC North lead.

Pursue, because of a hip physical issue he's practically past, hasn't been on the field since the success over Atlanta. What's more,

over the three games without Pursue, Tunnel has tossed for 793 yards, 

seven scores and three singles out a 70.5 fulfillment rate and 103.1 rating.

Any murmurs of Tunnel requiring Pursue to succeed are currently washed up. It was a senseless plan in any case, however it is right there.

Remember something like one of Tunnel's picks was basically a godlike play by T.J. Watt.

During that success over the Steelers, Tunnel assisted six distinct focuses with counting at least 20 getting yards.

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