Grading every Zach Wilson throw at New England Patriots

Zach Wilson makes his seventh start of the 2022 season and 20th overall in the NFL as we continue our QB Grades series.

Wilson seemed to be a huge liability that destroyed the New York Jets in their costly 10-3 loss to the New England Patriots from the perspective of viewers at home. 

In a nightmare performance, he undid all advancement he had gained in his prior game. Ultimately, the Jets benched Wilson in favor of Mike White after his performance at Foxborough.

Wilson—was he actually that bad? Was he even worse than others are making him out to be? Or are people in this case exaggerating the severity of Wilson's problems?

If you're not acquainted with how my QB Grades series operates, read the explanation and glossary below before we discuss Wilson's performance.

With this grading scheme, I hope to accurately reflect the quarterback's performance. 

Box score statistics are frequently deceptive because they fail to take into consideration a number of variables that affect how well or how poorly a quarterback did on a particular play.

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