Broncos waive veteran RB Melvin Gordon

According to people familiar with the situation, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported on Monday that the Broncos had released the seasoned running back.

Later, the group confirmed the action. In Sunday's overtime loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, the Broncos cut Gordon following another error-filled game

in which the running back again fumbled close to the goal line, denying them a chance to score late in the first half. Gordon had fumbled five times this season, losing two of them.

Gordon admitted to being "very nauseous" about his fumble after the game. "I kind of feel like I shot myself in the foot right now. I experienced that today."

Perhaps earlier this season would have seen Gordon's demise in Denver. Following a fumble in Week 4's loss in Vegas, he appeared to be benched.

However, Gordon had a little more room to maneuver after Javonte Williams' season-ending knee injury in the same game.

The running back kept making mistakes in judgment until he eventually ran out of rope.

He has a poor track record on the ground, averaging just 3.13 yards per run over the previous eight games. He has also dropped passes and missed blocks.

Latavius Murray, 32, has outperformed Gordon and is expected to assume the top position in Week 12.

However, given his experience, Gordon might be picked up by a team in need of a veteran who has already demonstrated his ability to run and catch passes.

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