9 Best Dollar Tree Items To Buy Now To Prepare for Winter

When the cold weather rolls in, kids need cozy mittens to keep their little hands toasty.

Kids Mittens

You can put away your summer clothing in these handy, clear storage bins.

Storage Bins

Hot meals are the stuff of winter months, and if you’re a busy baker or cook, you probably could use a brand new pair of oven mitts.

Oven Mitts

Dollar Tree has an incredible deal on this Cobblestone Corners Christmas Village 62-piece collection for only $32.50

Christmas Village Set

Every so often it’s fun to refresh the Christmas stockings, or add them if your family has expanded with kids, in-laws or extended family and friends.

Christmas Stockings

Dollar Tree offers big soup mugs with an easy-to-hold handle in three simple colors, sure to pair with any dishware you already have.

Soup Mugs

Dollar Tree has the solution for the latter with a variety of prepared soups in cans, such as Healthy Choice Chicken With Rice Soup,


‘Tis the season for pumpkin bread, gingerbread, zucchini bread and more — so get as many pans as you need for just $1.25 each.

Loaf Pans

You can stay prepared with these 4-inch, battery-operated ivory wax LED pillar candles. Or, create a gentle ambience for holiday events

Battery Operated Candles

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