Safest Place To Live In New Jersey – Top 10 Safest Places

safest place to live in new jersey

The Garden State, the Jersey Shore State, and even the Greatest State, according to its people, are the names given to New Jersey. However, out of all of these things, New Jersey has not historically been known for its pristine reputation or safety; however, Movoto Real Estate is seeking to change this.

We’ve been travelling around America for the past few months in search of the best locations, and one aspect that makes a location outstanding is its safety record. We think we’ve discovered New Jersey’s safest place after collecting information and sifting through our findings: Chatham Township. Naturally, Chatham didn’t reach the top of our list without facing tough competition. Here are below 10 safest place to live in New Jersey. If you also want to know about the safest place to live in New York, then you can read our blog on it.

Safest Place To Live In New Jersey

Here are below best 10 safest place to live in New Jersey:

City of Rahway, New Jersey

Rahway is located in Union County’s southern region. The Rahway Valley, on the bank of the Rahway River, is home to the closest New York suburb. Urban and rural lifestyles mix together, and there are several parks, cafes, and restaurants for recreation.

The two main thoroughfares in Rahway are US Routes 27 and 35. From Midtown Manhattan, NJ Transit Bus Line 115 travels through the city. Between Perth Amboy and Elizabeth, Line 48 passes through Rahway. It is the first safest place to live in New Jersey.

New Brunswick, New Jersey

On the southern bank of the Raritan River, New Brunswick, one of Middlesex County’s most populated cities, is located. Rutgers University is a household name in the city. There is a mix of urban and rural lifestyles that the residents appreciate. It serves as a key financial centre for the city of New Jersey. It is also a part of Manhattan’s suburbs. Here, most residents rent their homes.

Because there are so many medical facilities here, New Brunswick is also known as Healthcare City. like the Robert Wood Johnson University Medical Center. Here are located the headquarters of numerous multinational pharmaceutical corporations, including Johnson & Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

In the city, there are numerous highway cross-connections. US Routes 1 and 18, which are divided by Route 27 in New Brunswick, are the main roadways. The city is connected to Manhattan and other significant cities by NJ Transit Train lines and Amtrak. The city is serviced by NJ Transit Bus lines 810, 811, 814, 815, 818, and 890. It is the second safest place to live in New Jersey.

City of Phillipsburg, Warren County

In Lehigh Valley, Phillipsburg is situated on the Delaware River’s bank across from Pennsylvania. It’s in the suburbs of Allentown, a historic city surrounded by forested hills and other scenic landscapes.

Between Philadelphia and New York is the city. Here, residents enjoy a suburban lifestyle with lots of parks, cafes, and eateries. The main roads through the city are Interstate 78, US Route 22, and US Route 122.

The Delaware River divides Phillipsburg from Pennsylvania, but three bridges span it. They are the Northampton Street Bridge, the Interstate 78 Toll Bridge, and the Easton-Phillipsburg Toll Bridge (US Route 22).

The Lehigh Valley International Airport in Hanover Township is the closest airport to Phillipsburg. The city is served by NJ Transit bus lines 57, 890, and 891. It is the third safest place to live in New Jersey.

Toms River Township, Ocean County

Between New Jersey and New York is where Toms River Township is located. It is a commercial center for the former and a suburb of the latter. The largest non-teaching medical facility in New Jersey, Community Medical Center, is located in the city.

The city offers a blend of urban and rural cultures. In addition, it has a high population density, and many young professionals opt to settle here. There are a lot of parks, cafes, and restaurants there.

Some of the major streets in TomsRiver include US Routes 9, 35, 70, 166, 527, County Route 530, and 549. The city is serviced by NJ Transit Bus Lines 67, 137, 319, and 559. It is the fourth safest place to live in New Jersey.

Absecon City, New Jersey

On Absecon Bay’s western shore is Absecon City. Shore Town, which is 15 minutes from the Boardwalk and the ocean, is one of the most affordable places for renters to reside in New Jersey.

In the majority of this area, there are several residential areas in addition to wetlands. There is a lot of public transportation to Philadelphia. The city is connected to West Philly’s 30th Street Station via the Atlanta City Line’s Absecon Station (operated by New Jersey Transit). In relation to US Routes 9, 30, 157, and 585, the city is located.

Absecon City is reached from Atlanta City via the NJ Transit Bus Lines 508 (Hamilton Mall), 554 (Lindenwold PATCO Station), and 559 (Lakewood Township). It is the fifth safest place to live in New Jersey.

Audubon City, Camden County NJ

Audubon City is regarded as one of Philadelphia’s suburbs. The cost of living is tempting, and people first come here hoping for a cheap home close to the town. The nearby Cooper River Park is a popular destination for locals to unwind in the beauty of nature.

The majority of people in Audubon own their houses. The nicest spot to live in New Jersey has a lovely suburban feel. People can relax in the many parks and cafes that are available. Bus, train, and subway connections connect Audubon to Philadelphia and other significant New Jersey communities. This city is bordered by Route 168 and US Route 30. It is the sixth safest place to live in New Jersey.

Borough of Pompton Lakes

One of the most distant suburbs of Manhattan, New York, is Pompton Lake from Passaic County. The city is divided by the Ramapo, Pequannock, and Wanaque rivers. The Federal Hills, one of the city’s highest areas, provide a fantastic perspective of the New York night sky.

There are numerous bars and cafes in the crowded suburban metropolis where locals can spend their weekends. The Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike and Interstate 287 are two important thoroughfares that connect the city. From Midtown Manhattan, NJ Transit Bus lines 193, 194, and 197 make stops all around the city. It is the seventh safest place to live in New Jersey.

Berlin Township, NJ

Another city that ranks among the least expensive locations to live in New Jersey is Berlin. It is near Philadelphia and located in Camden County. This historic city offers a lovely suburban lifestyle with plenty of eateries, cafes, and fun spots to hang out on the weekends or during vacations.

Most of the locals are homeowners. In Berlin, US Route 30 is the main road after New Jersey Route 73. The later one travels across the city’s eastern edge section.

Berlin is a stop on NJ Transit Bus Line 554, which travels between Lindenwold and Atlantic City. One mile separates the city from the Camden County Airport. It is the eighth safest place to live in New Jersey.

City of Bridgeton, Cumberland County

In southern New Jersey’s Cumberland County, the significant city of Bridgeton. It is located on the Cohansey River, close to Delaware Bay. Since there are so many people living there, most people choose to rent their homes.

Aside from County Route 552, Bridgerton’s two main highways are New Jersey Routes 49 and 77. The closest airport is at Buck’s Airport, and NJ Transit bus lines 410 and 553 connect Bridgeton to Philadelphia, Upper Deerfield Township, and Atlantic City.

Borough of Clementon, Camden County

In Camden County, next to Clementon Lake, sits the lovely city of Clementon. Famous Giambri Quality candies are produced in the city. The majority of residents rent their homes and lead a dense rural lifestyle.

If you’re moving to New Jersey, Clementon is undoubtedly among the least expensive cities to live. US Route 30 is the only road that passes through Clementon. NJ Transit bus routes


Metropolitans have a luxury way of life. You must pay for their aesthetic appeal and high-tech amenities if you want to live close to the skyscrapers. Moving to the suburbs makes sense in that scenario. With significantly reduced real estate costs, these rural areas of New Jersey are the most affordable locations to reside.

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