14 Affordable And Safest Place To Live In Los Angeles In 2023

safest place to live in los angeles

Safest Place To Live In Los Angeles – Living in Los Angeles is amazing. The county is practically falling apart at the seams with wonderful destinations, attractions, fine arts, culture, nightlife, and other activities. All of that, meanwhile, comes with a heavy price tag for houses. 

In Los Angeles County, a house typically costs $1,114,000 to list and $622,000 to sell. To assist you in finding an affordable place to live in this great county, we have created the following list.

Los Angeles County contains about 90 communities, so we began compiling our list by identifying the top 30 with the lowest average listing price.

From there, we made the decision to use crime rates as another factor to identify the cities you should live in. The state of California has an average violent crime rate of 4.23. (number of violent crimes per 1,000 people). 

The 30 most cheap cities, all of which had crime rates below the state average, made up our top 10 ranking.

Therefore, you should take a close look because they are some of the safest cities in Los Angeles County in addition to being some of the most affordable. If you also want to know about the safest place to live in Georgia, then you can read our blog on it.

Safest Place To Live In Los Angeles

Safest PlaceListing PriceSold PriceCrime Rate
Bell Gardens$343,000$216,0002.92
Baldwin Park$366,000$313,0003.41
Pico Rivera$371,000$302,0004.08
San Fernando$371,000$288,0003.2
La Puente$378,000$345,0002.99
West Covina$454,000$414,0002.61

Bell Gardens

Due to its low crime rate and most affordable real estate market in Los Angeles County, Bell Gardens was ranked at the top of our list. 

Coincidentally, it has the lowest crime rate of any city on our list, with the exception of West Covina, which came in at number 10. It is one of five cities in Los Angeles County that has legalised casino gambling. 

A valuable resource for the community, the opulent Bicycle Casino offers conference spaces for meetings and delectable cuisine for pleasure. It is the first safest place to live in Los Angeles.


Downy, Bellflower, Cerritos, Artesia, and Sante Fe Springs are cities that border Norwalk. Given its proximity to the 5 Freeway, the city is rather big and congested. Cerritos College is located in the city, which is also served by a number of other educational systems, including the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District. It is the second safest place to live in Los Angeles.

Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park, which is in the central San Gabriel Valley, is home to around 75,390 people. Baldwin Park’s property values and prices are rising, making this a fantastic time to buy. Listing prices are up 2.8% from last month and 18.1% from a year ago. The city is famous for having opened the first In-N-Out burger joint in 1948. It is the third safest place to live in Los Angeles.

Pico Rivera

Just 11 miles from downtown Los Angeles and close to both the LAX airport and the Long Beach ports, Pico Rivera is situated in the county’s centre. Nine parks in the city, including 18 sports fields, four community centres, a nine-hole golf course, and a skate park, make it a community-friendly place. It is the fourth safest place to live in Los Angeles.

San Fernando

This Los Angeles enclave, which is tucked into the San Fernando Valley, is totally encircled by the city. The city is well-liked by young families; the average age is 31 and 55% of households are family units. The city’s listing prices have been climbing, up 1.1% from last month and 28.8% over the past year, making this a fantastic time to invest in San Fernando real estate. It is the fifth safest place to live in Los Angeles.

La Puente

There are 114,928 people living in the city of La Puente, and 70% of them are homeowners. La Puente is a fantastic area to make an investment in right now because house values and prices have increased since last year, with listing prices up 23.9%, however prices have remained constant over the past month. View the homes for sale in La Puente to determine if this neighbourhood is ideal for you. It is the sixth safest place to live in Los Angeles.


With a population of 29,160, Duarte is a small community in Los Angeles County that sits just outside of one of the most expensive zip codes in the nation. Irwindale, Bradbury, Monrovia, and Azusa surround Duarte, which is bordered to the north by the San Gabriel Mountains. Fun fact: The city’s centre is traversed by the historic Route 66, and each September the city hosts a Salute to Route 66 Parade. It is the seventh safest place to live in Los Angeles.


Despite having only 16,691 residents, the small city of Artesia has a lot to offer both locals and tourists. The city is quite multicultural and is home to the city’s International Cultural District, also known as “Little India.” There are several South Indian companies in the region, in addition to grocery stores, boutiques, and Indian restaurants. Additionally, Michelle Kwan, a former Olympic champion, is a co-owner of EastWest Ice Palace, which is located in the city. It is the eighth safest place to live in Los Angeles.


A Los Angeles suburb, Bellflower shares borders with the cities of Downey, Norwalk, Cerritos, Lakewood, Long Beach, and Paramount. Bellflower, which has a population of 76,146, is bigger than the majority of the towns on our list. The city’s centre location between Long Beach and Los Angeles, as well as its convenient access to the 91 Freeway and MTA, make it a fantastic place to call home if you enjoy both cities.

West Covina

There are now more homes available than ever in West Covina because to an increase in inventory. According to statistics from December, there are now 123 properties for sale in the city, up 61.8% over the previous year. With a violent crime rate of 2.61, West Covina is also the safest city on our list. If you love Los Angeles County and can afford it, West Covina is a terrific place to call home.

Hidden Hills

A suburb of Los Angeles, Hidden Hills has a population of only 1,634. Even while we try to avoid making assumptions, it appears reasonable to assume that the majority of those 1,634 are wealthy. extremely affluent. 

The typical single-family home in this small area of Los Angeles is valued at an astounding $2 million, which is undoubtedly a fortune to me and you but paltry cash to the locals, the majority of whom make a very respectable $216,786 each year. 

Like many stinking-rich towns, there is virtually no crime here, with only a few robberies and no violent crimes reported in the previous year.

Playa Vista

In Playa Vista, there are an increasing number of tech companies. It’s easy to understand why Facebook, Google, and YouTube have chosen to call this region of LA County home. The region, often referred to as Silicon Beach, is a mash-up of the residential, business, and retail, with sufficient facilities to satisfy all three sectors. Additionally, it has one of the lowest rates of crime in the greater LA region.


One of LA’s top areas for dining, drinking, and having a good time in general is Glendale. It has a reputation for being one of the safest areas of the city because few people seem to be interested in taking shiny automobiles or stuffed wallets from the area’s influx of visitors with both.

Mar Vista

Mar Vista is a wonderfully attractive location for individuals who value simple. It’s a well-liked area for families and is packed with parks, libraries, farmer’s markets, and some top-notch local schools. Even better, the crime rate is so low that it hardly appears in figures. This can be your ideal fit if you’re drawn to the concept of a laid-back lifestyle where your children feel safe playing in the streets.


In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed our article about the safest place to live in Los Angeles. We hope that this information has been helpful and that you are now more aware of the crime statistics in Los Angeles. Thank you for reading, and we hope that if you need any information about the safest place to live in Los Angeles, or if you have any other questions about the city, you will contact us anytime at Weememories. Thank you for your time and have a great day!

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