Safest Place To Live In Florida

safest place to live in florida

Safest Place To Live In Florida When moving to a new location, what do you think about first? Is it the housing market, the expense of living, the schools, or security? Well, all of these All of these,  are important factors to think about when relocating to a new place. When relocating to Florida, there is no exception.

Due to the state’s abundance of beaches, golf courses, and opportunities for post-career relaxation, Florida has long been regarded as a retirement destination. If you want warm weather and lots of sunshine, this is the perfect spot to live.

But is Florida a safe place to live with all the luxury and fun that come with it? What are some of Florida’s safest cities? To learn more, read this article. if you want to know about the coldest place in the universe then you can read our blog on it.

Safest Place To Live In Florida

Let’s be honest and acknowledge that lists like this aren’t always accurate way how safe a city is. So, until you feel confident enough to make a decision, make sure you conduct enough research to support anything you see online.

The stats we’re using for Florida’s crime rate are based on verified information provided by the FBI.

The cities are rated according to the overall crime rate and the number of law enforcement personnel per 1,000 population. 

Two distinct crime categories make up the total number of crimes:

  • violent crimes. The FBI defines them as aggravated assault, rape, robbery, murder, and manslaughter. 
  • Property crimes These include car theft, arson, larceny (stealing of personal goods), and break-ins (setting fire to property).

The estimated national crime rate in a year was roughly 370 violent crimes and roughly 2,200 property crimes per 100,000 population, which can be compared to the figures below.

With those numbers, there are roughly 4 violent crimes and 22 property crimes per every 1,000 people.

So that you can compare their stats and choose on a place you’ll feel comfortable moving to, let’s break down the safest place to live in florida.

PlacePopulationViolent CrimesProperty CrimesLaw Enforcement
Satellite Beach11,1970.343
Key Biscayne13,2990.474
Marco Island18,1220.352
North Palm Beach13,214183
Lynn Haven21,285192

Satellite Beach

Satellite Beach is at the top of the list as Florida’s city with the lowest crime rate. Because it is situated near the Space Coast, where NASA launches satellites into orbit, Satellite Beach, in central Florida’s east coast, earned its space-nerd moniker. Long, sandy beaches and whale sightings are two things the area is famous for! It is the first safest place to live in Florida.

Key Biscayne

Just outside of Miami is Florida’s second-safest city. Be aware that living there is highly expensive. The median cost of a home in the summer of 2021 was about $1.9 million! 6 So, Key Biscayne might be a wise choice for living out your retirement paradise if you’re in the stage of life where you’re crushing it with your cash and you’re able to live and give like no one else. It is the second safest place to live in Florida.

Marco Island

Let’s go on to the western coast of Florida, where Marco Island is placed along the Gulf of Mexico. One of the safest places in Florida is Marco Island, the biggest of Florida’s 10,000 Islands. But with a median home price of about $1.1 million, it’s another city in Florida with a high cost of living! 7 However, some could argue that the area’s white sand beaches make it priceless. It is the third safest place to live in Florida.

North Palm Beach

In addition to being secure, North Palm Beach is also beautiful and practically always sunny, with a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is open every day! There is boating, fishing, and a sizable marina with large yachts. Manatees swimming or even sea turtles hatching on the beach can be visible. Or you might simply relax and observe the palm trees moving in the wind off the ocean. It is the fourth safest place to live in Florida.


The Parkland area is located in the inland, just south of North Palm Beach. Can you guess? Parkland is filled with parks! That makes it simple to locate a venue to play tennis, football, soccer, basketball, and baseball. Moreover, there are many playgrounds for kids and dog parks for Fido. There is also a place where you may ride horses. This affluent area has a suburban, residential feel. It’s normally a quiet and tranquil spot to settle down since it’s away from major shopping malls and the chaos of the downtown. It is the fifth safest place to live in Florida.


For those who can afford the finest things, this charming coastal town in southwest Florida is yet another safe place to call home. You will probably see several Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, Aston Martins, and Lamborghinis if you drive about Naples. Snowbirds crowd the beaches in the winter, which might cause some traffic congestion. Naples’ beaches are consistently rated as the best both domestically and internationally. For a chance to explore the sea, boaters adore stopping by beach bars and islands like Keewaydin Island. It is the sixth safest place to live in Florida.

Lynn Haven

Lynn Haven is situated on the Florida Panhandle, just above Panama City. Many young professionals and families are attracted to the city because of its serene residential environment. The Tyndall Air Force Base, which controls the local economy, is located in Lynn Haven, another military community. Don’t forget that the beautiful beaches along the Gulf Coast are nearby and only a short drive away! It is the seventh safest place to live in Florida.


Oviedo, which is a suburb of Orlando, is pronounced “oh-vee-doh.” Oviedo, which is well-known for its historical architecture, fosters a sense of safety and close-knit community through a variety of activities like food truck gatherings and movie evenings. One interesting and humorous aspect of Oviedo is that chickens have practically taken on the status of the city’s mascot. You can find the city’s vast population of free-ranging chickens anywhere you go.


Sebastian, also on the Atlantic Coast, ranks among Florida’s safest cities. Bass fishing and deep sea fishing are both excellent here. Pelican Island, the country’s first national wildlife refuge, is located in Sebastian. The refuge was built in the early 1900s as a place for nature preservation and fish and wildlife habitat protection.


Groveland comes in as the fourth safest city in Florida on our list. Groveland is an inner city in central Florida that is located on the west side of Orlando. It offers a wide landscape and a beautiful, quiet country environment. Groveland’s name comes from the citrus groves that are all around it. Its central location makes it a wonderful starting place for exploring all the experiences Florida has to offer.


In this blog, we have discussed about the safest place to live in florida. Folks, there you have it! If you’re still unsure about the safest place in Florida, you might be tempted to consult a real estate agent for their suggestions.

Remember that certain regulations, such as real estate guiding, forbid brokers from providing you with that kind of counsel. Therefore, keep conducting your own study until you’re confident you’ve located a city you feel at ease in.

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