10 Cheapest And Safest Place In South America 2023

safest place in south america

South America has a lot to offer tourists, including a variety of beautiful scenery like white sand beaches, lush green rainforests, rugged mountains, and dynamic towns. However, certain nations in South America have a bad reputation for being unsafe for tourists and having high crime rates, so there can be some uncertainty about safety there. How safe is South America, though?

We looked into which South American nations are the safest using the Global Peace Index, which takes variables like violent crime rates, political stability, and police numbers into account. If you want to know about the safest place to live in Los Angeles, then you can read our blog on it.

Safest Place In South America


The GPI rates Uruguay as the safest nation in South America, placing it 46th globally with a score of 1.795. It is one of the most economically advanced nations on the continent, and it has a high standard of living, a low degree of corruption, and a stable democracy. Uruguay is not entirely crime-free, though. Tourists are encouraged to protect their possessions and be careful of their surroundings because, like other crowded urban places, pickpocketing and other little crimes still happen in the major cities. It is the first safest place in south America.


With a score of 1.840 on the GPI, Chile is ranked 55th overall and is the second-safest nation in South America. Although it is a developed nation with low crime rates, it has been known to occasionally experience muggings and robberies, sometimes with the use of a pistol. Carjacking is another problem that occasionally affects travellers. Chile has had some civil turmoil as well, with protests occurring all year long. Tourists are encouraged to stay away from any protests since, although they are often peaceful, larger rallies can occasionally turn violent. It is the second safest place in south America.


With a GPI score of 1.911, Argentina is the third-safest nation in South America, placing 69th overall. Despite having a low overall crime rate, it is a well-liked tourist destination, hence petty crime can occur frequently. Pickpocketing can be a problem, particularly in major cities and popular tourist destinations. Scams can also be a concern because some scammers overcharge tourists for goods and services. Visitors to Argentina should be informed of their surroundings and bargain pricing before arriving, It is the third safest place in south America.


With a GPI score of 1.976, Paraguay is the 77th safest country in the world and the fourth safest in South America. While many parts of Paraguay are usually safe, there are some places where crime is more likely, particularly small-time, non-violent crimes like pickpocketing. Additionally, there may be instances of more violent crimes like muggings and drug trafficking, especially close to borders where protection is lacking. To keep safe, travellers should ask the hotel which places they should stay away from. It is the fourth safest place in south America.


With a GPI score of 1.988, Ecuador is the 79th safest country in the world and the fifth safest in South America. It may be safe to travel there, but the country is impoverished, which raises the crime rate there, particularly in tourist and urban regions. Pickpocketing and taxi robberies—in which thieves follow tourists into the cab and force them to use an ATM to withdraw money—are problems. In all parts of the nation, there is a risk of armed robbery and of criminals utilising drugs to subdue their victims.

Travelers should ask for recommendations for safer areas to visit and be cautious of persons who approach them and offer them food or drink. It is the fifth safest place in south America.


Bolivia is the sixth safest nation in South America and 80th in the world, with a GPI score of 1.989. Petty crimes like pickpocketing are prevalent in urban areas, as they are in many other nations. Bolivia is experiencing an increase in violent crime, including muggings and kidnappings that specifically target foreigners. Bolivia also experiences frequent social unrest, with protests frequently devolving into violence and the erection of roadblocks. These protests should be avoided, and tourists shouldn’t try to get through barriers. It is the sixth safest place in south America.


With a GPI score of 2.091, Peru is the 101st safest country in the world and the seventh safest in South America. Despite the fact that there have been gains, the army has been required to help handle crime in some places of Peru. Pickpocketing and muggings are widespread near tourist destinations and cities, which is a result of poverty aggravating the crime problem. Protests are another typical occurrence; they frequently start abruptly and can get violent very rapidly. Organized crime and drug trafficking are also potential problems, particularly close to the borders with Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil. It is the seventh safest place in south America.


Guyana, which has a GPI score of 2.140 and is ranked 107th in the world, is the eighth safest nation in South America. Although the locals might be hospitable and polite, there is a high risk of crime. Guyana is a country with a small police force, therefore travellers should use extra caution. Armed muggings, burglaries, and assaults are all often committed, and both minor and violent crime can be a problem. Travelers who are women are particularly vulnerable, so they should always tour Guyana in groups. In general, rural areas are safer than urban ones.


With a GPI score of 2.465, Brazil is the 130th safest country in the world and the ninth safest in South America. Scams that prey on tourists are widespread, as are pickpocketing and bag snatching. In Brazil, rates of violent crime rise throughout the busy seasons, such as during carnival and the holidays. While crime can happen anywhere, some places are safer than others. Social unrest can also happen, with protests happening suddenly, disrupting travel, and occasionally turning violent.


Colombia is the tenth safest country in South America and ranks 144th globally with a GPI score of 2.729. Although it has recently achieved significant safety improvements, crime is still a problem. There is not always a difference between rural and urban locations when it comes to safety. Visitors should pre-book their transportation rather than walking along roads or hailing a taxi from the street because muggings and kidnappings can be commonplace. Petty crime and pickpocketing are both widespread in tourist areas.


In this blog, we have discussed about the safest place in South America. If you are looking for a place where you can be safe and sound, South America is the perfect place for you. This continent is full of beautiful destinations where you can have a wonderful time. It is home to some of the most outstanding places to visit. Those who have visited South America are always eager to go back. The whole continent is full of adventure and excitement. The people of South America are very friendly, open and welcoming. The places of South America are also very safe to visit.

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