Most Expensive Hotel In Vegas: The 10 Most Expensive Hotel

Most Expensive Hotel In Vegas

Surprisingly, if one is wanting to travel on a limited budget, hotels in Las Vegas have fairly priced rooms. There are numerous luxurious hotel options available for a very low cost. However, there are several suites available to high rollers and huge spenders that those with limited money cannot use because of their high cost. Look at the hotels in Las Vegas with the most expensive rooms if you’re searching for the most luxurious hotels while visiting Sin City. If you also want to know about the best hotel in Atlantic City, then you can read our blog on it.

Most Expensive Hotel In Vegas

Four Seasons

The Four Seasons is the best hotel in Las Vegas to stay at if you wish to escape the nonstop bustle of the so-called Sin City. The hotel is one of the select handful in Vegas without an own casino. However, the big casinos and nightlife of the Las Vegas Strip are only a short distance away. The Presidential Strip-View Suite is the hotel’s most costly room, with a nightly rate of roughly $3,000, while the least expensive room is about $380. It is the first most expensive hotel in Vegas.

Waldorf Astoria

Formerly known as the Mandarin Oriental hotel, the Waldorf Astoria is a Hilton-owned hotel. They have already established themselves as one of the most costly and luxurious hotels in Vegas during their time as the Mandarin Oriental. The hotel’s sky bar, huge spa, and soaking tubs are some of its most luxurious features. The Premier Presidential Suite, the Waldorf Astoria’s most costly room, may be rented for $3,000 per night, while the hotel’s most affordable room is $500. It is the second most expensive hotel in Vegas.

Wynn Resort’s Encore And Wynn

When visiting Vegas, the Wynn Resort is a stylish and luxurious place to stay. The Wynn at Wynn Resort is the larger and livelier of the two hotels, while Encore is more premium and has a boutique feel. Both hotels have superb interior design and a high level of luxury. The hotel’s outstanding food, chic, modern décor, and upscale shopping are its main features. The Encore Three-Bedroom Duplex at the Wynn Resort is the most costly suite, costing over $5,000 per night, while the least expensive room is around $300. It is the third most expensive hotel in Vegas.

The Bellagio

The Bellagio is well renowned for being one of Las Vegas’ prettiest hotels. They offer choices in their hotel that can satisfy both wealthy and middle-class visitors. No need to worry, as their least expensive rooms feature the same atmosphere and décor as their more expensive ones. Even if a guest chooses the least expensive room, they still offer the essential amenities for a good stay. The Chairman’s Suite, a 4,075 square foot haven of decadent luxury, is the hotel’s most costly room and costs over $7,000 per night, while the least expensive room is about $280. It is the fourth most expensive hotel in Vegas.

Aria Resort & Casino

The Aria Resort & Casino is well known for being the technically most modern hotel in the entire globe. For those who can afford it, the resort offers a very luxurious level of accommodation. The Sky Suites, which cost around $7,500 per night, are the hotel’s most luxurious accommodation; the least priced room there runs about $725 per night, resort fees included. The hotel has a nightclub called Jewel, state-of-the-art technology in the rooms, and pools with gorgeous cabanas and a bar. Even though their room rates are high, they also provide affordable room discounts. It is the fifth most expensive hotel in Vegas.

The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan is a stylish, up-to-date hotel in Las Vegas that combines traditional and modern design elements. The Cosmopolitan is the ideal location for those who want to spend their money because they will be treated to a very luxurious stay. The hotel is well known for its immaculate cleaning, minimalist design, and careful attention to every last detail. The Cosmopolitan’s Bentel & Bentel Suites, which cost over $25,000 per night, have the most expensive rooms, with the least expensive costing about $230. It is the sixth most expensive hotel in Vegas.

The Venetian And The Palazzo At The Venetian

The Palazzo at The Venetian and The Venetian, the second-largest hotel complex in the world, includes both the Venetian Tower and the Palazzo Tower. It is also one of Las Vegas’s most luxurious hotels. No effort was spared in re-creating the romantic ambiance and beauty of Venice in the hotel’s décor, which was inspired by the majestic canal of Venice. The Chairman’s Suite at The Venetian and The Palazzo is their most costly accommodation, costing over $25,000 per night, while the most affordable room is about $210 per night.

Nobu Hotel At Caesars Palace

Nobu Matsuhisa and Robert de Niro, an American actor, are the co-owners of the hotel known as the Nobu Hotel. The hotel is much more upscale than Caesars Palace, its parent property. For those who do not like the décor at Caesars Palace, the hotel offers a nice alternative with its peaceful Japanese-inspired interior design. The Nobu Hotel’s Nobu Villa, which costs about $35,000 per night, is their most costly room, while their cheapest room runs about $185 per night.

Caesars Palace

One of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace is the parent property of the Nobu Hotel. The fancy features of ancient Rome served as inspiration for the hotel. Caesars Palace is the greatest place to be if you need somewhere to spend your winnings because the hotel has Vegas’ most well-known casino. The Caesars Palace’s Caesars Palace Villas are their most luxurious rooms, costing about $25,000. The hotel’s least expensive accommodations cost about $150 per night.

Palms Casino Resort

The priciest hotel room in the entire world, not just in Las Vegas, can be found at Palms Casino Resort. For those gamblers who can afford it, the area offers the peak of luxury for anyone who simply wants to experience a wealthy lifestyle. The hotel has 10 dining options, a casino, and a full-service spa. The Empathy Suite is the hotel’s most costly room, costing over $100,000 per night with a two-night minimum stay, while the least expensive room is about $150.


In this blog we have discussed the most expensive hotel in vegas. We hope you have understood easily. 

The most expensive hotel in Vegas is the Wynn. Although the Wynn is a great hotel, the most expensive hotel in Sin City is actually the Palazzo. 

This hotel is located right across the street from the Wynn and is the most expensive hotel in Vegas. 

The Palazzo has the most expensive rooms in all of Vegas, the most expensive restaurants in Vegas and the most expensive spa in all of Vegas. 

The Palazzo also has the most expensive pool in Vegas. The Palazzo is about a mile away from the Wynn.

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