Is Sri Lanka Worth Visiting – 11 Best Reasons To Visit There

Is Sri Lanka Worth Visiting

One of the many good reasons to put Sri Lanka on your trip bucket list is its tropical climate, stunning beaches, and mouthwatering cuisine. 

Visit the historic rock stronghold of Sigiriya to learn about its history, see a huge herd of Asian elephants in Minneriya National Park, or catch some waves at Arugam Bay or Hikkaduwa in this island nation regarded as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lanka is a wonderful destination for lovers of the outdoors, animals, and history. We’ve chosen a number of accommodations as well as a list of some of the top sights and activities in Sri Lanka to assist you in making your trip arrangements.

Before reading about is Sri Lanka worth visiting, learn why Sri Lanka is famous.

Why Sri Lanka Is Famous

Here are some of the best places that you must know about before visiting Sri Lanka, before you learn is Sri Lanka worth visiting.

Nine Arch Bridge

One of the most spectacular train tours in the world is the Nine Arch Bridge.

A train ride over this century-old bridge, which runs through Sri Lanka’s highlands, will undoubtedly provide you with truly breathtaking vistas.

This landmark, which the British government first commissioned in 1921, just celebrated its 100th birthday.

It’s interesting to note that there is no iron or steel used in the construction of the Nine Arch Bridge; simply stone and cement. 

This is due to the fact that all metals were set aside for use in industries related to war when World War I started.

We’re delighted Sri Lankans made the decision to keep constructing the bridge despite the obstacles.

World’s End

One of Sri Lanka’s most well-known sites is called World’s End.

It may be found at Horton Plains National Park, where the plateau abruptly ends in a cliff that plunges 880 meters below.

There is a well-defined path that takes three hours to complete that hikers and tourists must follow.

You’ll enjoy breathtaking beautiful vistas once you get to World’s End. You can see all the way to the coast on clear days. 

Additionally, you can see little towns and villages where tea is grown in the valley below.

Just take care. There are no safety rails in Sri Lanka, which is not known for having high safety regulations. 

You run the risk of ending your world if you snap rash selfies near the edge.

Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak is another notable sight in Sri Lanka.

It is a mountain in southwest Sri Lanka that rises to a height of 7,360 feet and offers breathtaking views.

Additionally, several religions hold it in great regard. Depending on the religion, a hollow at the peak that resembles a human footprint is supposed to represent the footprint of a saint or other revered individual.

It represents Shiva’s footprint in Hindu culture.

It represents Adam’s footprint to Muslims.

It is the Buddha’s footprint, according to Buddhists.

For the Portuguese, it is St. Thomas the Apostle’s footprint.

Each year, a large number of adherents to several religions travel to the top to honor their respective holy figures.

But it’s a great climb even if you’re not religious.

Let’s look at the best time to visit Sri Lanka before learning about is Sri Lanka worth visiting.

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Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka

The best time of year to visit Sri Lanka depends on where you choose to go because, despite being a relatively small island, there are significant seasonal climate changes. 

The climate of the island is influenced by two monsoons: the south-west monsoon, which is less severe and affects the south and west coasts as well as the Hill Country, and the north-east monsoon, which can affect the entire island. 

Despite the rain, it rarely gets below 25 degrees along the coast; the higher altitude in the Hill Country makes it a little cooler.

The greatest months to travel to the west and south coasts, as well as the Cultural Triangle, are typically December through April, while the best months to explore the east coast are May through October.

Let’s shift our focus to is Sri Lanka worth visiting, without wasting any more time.

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Is Sri Lanka Worth Visiting

Here are the 11 reasons to get the answer to your query: is Sri Lanka worth visiting?

  • A tropical climate all year round
  • Amazing food
  • Rare land animals
  • Glorious beaches
  • Gorgeous landscapes and hiking trails
  • Whales and dolphins
  • Super surfing
  • Millennia of Buddhist heritage
  • Intriguing colonial history
  • An elephant get together
  • The Cultural Triangle

A tropical climate all year round

In Sri Lanka, there are two monsoon seasons, and they affect different areas in different months.

This suggests that wherever people go on the island, they can always count on a cheerful environment.

The north is dry between May and July due to the southwest monsoon, and the south is open for exploration between October and January due to the northeast monsoon.

Stay at one of Sri Lanka’s top luxury hotels to take advantage of the weather.

Amazing food

Sri Lanka is lucky to have a distinctive cuisine that is spiced with exotic flavors. Part of the well-known rice and curry spread is a potent and flavorful lentil curry served with rice and vegetables on the side.

The fish curry is well regarded by the locals. Kottu is a well-known Tamil street food that mainly consists of chopped roti flatbread, egg, meat, vegetables, and salna, a fiery sauce. Remember to try egg hoppers as well.

Rare land animals

Sri Lanka has 26 national parks, including 2 marine parks. The most well-known, Yala National Park, is home to more than 215 different bird species, mugger crocodiles, and other reptiles in addition to having the largest concentration of leopards in the entire world.

Along the park’s shoreline, five different species of sea turtles also deposit their eggs. Near Yala, in the Udawalawe National Park, are herds of elephants as well as rare birds like the snake eagle and the variable hawk-eagle.

Many tourists come to Pigeon Island to see the marine life that surrounds the island. Snorkeling in these waters is an amazing experience because the reef off the island is home to up to 300 kinds of reef fish and about 100 species of colorful corals.

Keep reading to learn more about is Sri Lanka worth visiting.

Glorious beaches

With many unspoiled sandy beaches, palm trees, and crystal-clear waters, Sri Lanka’s coastline is one of the most unspoiled in all of Asia.

Go to Unawatuna if you want to go to beach parties; go to Mirissa if you want to enjoy the sun in peace.

Adrenaline junkies should head to Bentota, which offers water sports like kitesurfing and paracycling.

To assist you in choosing a place to stay, make sure to look into the top beach resorts in Sri Lanka.

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Gorgeous landscapes and hiking trails

Sri Lanka boasts beautiful nature paths that wind through breath-taking scenery and waterfalls, misty mountains that climb into the sky, hills covered in rice fields and tea estates, and occasionally cross your path peacocks or deer due to the abundance of flora and animals.

Ella’s Demodara Rail Hike, which traverses Nine Arches Bridge, a colonial viaduct, is a fantastic alternative for beginning hikers.

The Knuckles Mountain Range, which is recognized as the nation’s most picturesque hiking trail, is a good option for more seasoned hikers.

You should reserve a room at one of these well chosen hotels to take full advantage of what Ella has to offer.

Whales and dolphins

Sri Lanka is possibly the only place in the world where you can view both the largest land mammal, the elephant, and the largest marine mammal, the blue whale.

Five different species of whales, including the blue whale and minke whale, commonly live in the waters off Kalpitiya.

If you’re lucky, spinner dolphins might also be visible. The busiest months for whale watching in Kalpitiya are January through March.

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Super surfing

Sri Lanka is possibly the only place in the world where you can view both the largest land mammal, the elephant, and the largest marine mammal, the blue whale.

Five different species of whales, including the blue whale and minke whale, commonly live in the waters off Kalpitiya.

If you’re lucky, spinner dolphins might also be visible. The busiest months for whale watching in Kalpitiya are January through March.

Check out this list of the top hotels in Hikkaduwa if you’re looking for a place to stay.

Millennia of Buddhist heritage

This region has a long history of Buddhism, and Sri Lanka is home to many ancient temples.

These ancient houses of worship frequently feature breathtaking architecture that was much ahead of their time.

The most well-known example is the Temple of the Tooth, but there are other significant locations as well, such as the Ruwanwelisaya stupa and the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, a famous fig tree close to Anuradhapura.

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Intriguing colonial history

The tranquil town of Nuwara Eliya, also referred to as Little England, is located in the hills of the tea area of central Sri Lanka. Despite its tiny size, Nuwara Eliya has a lot to see and do.

It evokes the feel of a bygone era with its abundance of colonial-era buildings and bungalows, Tudor-style hotels, and meticulously maintained hedges and gardens.

Visit the huge body of water Gregory Lake for some water activities and a barbecue by the lake, or the magnificent Horton Grasslands with its undulating grasslands, waterfalls, and the impressive World’s End rock.

It is advised to stay at the 19th-century Grand Hotel in Nuwara Eliya.

An elephant get together

From May through September, the 1,700-year-old reservoir’s eroding banks provide the most breathtaking spectacle.

Around 400 Asian elephants gather by the lake in Minneriya National Park to eat, chat, and enjoy the water.

It is claimed to be the largest gathering of this species of elephants ever. The park has a lot more to offer, such as deer, purple-faced langurs, and a huge selection of birds.

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The Cultural Triangle

Numerous historical locations, relics, and religious structures may be found in the Cultural Triangle that represent early Sri Lankan culture.

The area surrounded by Kandy, Polonnaruwa, and Anuradhapura is known as the triangle. Tourists can visit the ancient rock fortress Sigiriya, the cave temples of Dambulla, and Mihintale, the birthplace of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

Yapahuwa, a fortress that functioned as Sri Lanka’s interim capital during the 13th century, is a lesser-known but nevertheless significant cultural destination.

A range of lodging choices are available in the Cultural Triangle, from boutique hotels in Kandy to motels in Dambulla.

These are the main reasons why is Sri Lanka worth visiting.

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In this blog, we have discussed is Sri Lanka worth visiting. We hope we have cleared all of your queries related to it.

If you still have any questions you can let us know through comment. These 11 reasons are the top reasons for visiting Sri Lanka, you must know these reasons before planning a trip to visit Sri Lanka. 

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