14 Best Tips On How To Keep Food Hot While Traveling

How To Keep Food Hot While Traveling

Everyone is worried about food safety and it is an important thing to keep food hot while traveling. So, in this blog we will discuss the best ways on how to keep food hot while traveling, keep reading!

Luckily, there are many ways to keep food hot at home, but while traveling it is an issue of worry. 

But also there are numerous ways to keep food hot if you need to travel, like you can use kitchen appliances and portable containers or serve your food on warm plates so they don’t get cold. 

How To Keep Food Hot While Travelling

Now we will discuss many ways one by one  to keep food hot while traveling:

Keep stews and soups in an insulated thermos

Firstly, look at the thermos’ packaging so that you determine how long you can safely store food inside.

While the soup is still piping hot, transfer it into the thermos, then secure the lid tightly.

This is the first tip on how to keep food hot while traveling.

Tin Foil

Food that is still hot will immediately begin to cool as it produces steam. Tin foil is one of the best and easiest ways to keep your food short term warmer. The foil is more able to reflect thermal energy inward due to its bright exterior surface.

Firstly, wrap your food in a sealed container, then around the food, wrap thick tin foil carefully. Make sure that there are no holes left from where warm air can escape.

Now , you should wrap 1-2 towels around the food and foil tightly.

Depending on the food, for anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, this can keep things toasty and nice.

Wrap multiple layers of regular tin foil, if you don’t have thick tin foil.This method does not only trap steam but also it will reflect heat back as well.

This is another good tip on how to keep food hot while traveling.

Get a portable food warmer to keep food hot 

Inside your car, get an insulated lunchbox or cooler that can plug into the cigarette lighter jack. As you travel, fill the cooler with hot food and plug it in. To keep the food at a safe temperature , the cooler will use the energy from your car. 

To save your car’s battery, only have the cooler plugged in as your car is running. Coolers are the perfect foundation for keeping hot food hot.

For larger dishes, purchase insulated thermal bags

Thermal bags allow you to store dishes so they retain heat while you’re on the way, similar to the bags used for pizza delivery. Before serving your dish, use a thermal bag for a maximum of 3 hours. 

For the best results place the hottest food in the bottom of the bag, so that the heat will rise and continually heat the other contents as well.

Electric blanket

The electrical blankets are large enough to wrap an entire buffet worth of hot meals, with a complete variety of heat settings. With a portable electric blanket, traveling with hot food will be a breeze. This blanket has a timer that goes off every 45 minutes for safety.

This is a very effective tip on how to keep food hot while traveling.

Using a hard cover

You can use hard covers to keep your food warm. The higher the quality of cover the better iot will work at keeping your food warm. 

Add heat bricks or heat packs

Adding an external heat source is one way to keep your food hot while traveling. Hot bricks, hot packs and hot bottles are all great external heat sources to keep your food hot. To keep food hot for as long as 8 and more hours, you should combine an external heat source with a towel.

Use a thermal cooker

Without the need of electricity, a thermal cooker is a large pot that is designed to slowly cook meals. It can hold so much food and can keep food warm even longer than thermos. The thermal cookers with cast iron bottoms can keep food hot for more than 10 hours. While keeping the food safe to eat, this makes it one of the best possible ways to travel hot food long distances. 

Trap the steam

One of the big things you want to do is to stop steam from escaping your food, when you are trying to keep food hot. As the steam escapes your food, the food becomes colder. Using aluminum foil or by using any other airtight containers to trap steam from escaping you can maintain a lot more heat energy. It will prevent the drying out of your meals.

Use instant heat packs

You can use instant hand warmers in order to keep your food hot when you are on the go. The best thing about these heat packs is when they start to run out of heat you can grab a new one and replace the cold one with the fresh hot one.

You can get reusable heat packs that you can use multiple times and recharge. 

This is another one of the best tips on how to keep food hot while traveling.

Keep cold food separate and bunch hot food together

It’s a good idea to bunch hot dishes closely together rather than keeping them separate. Keep the cold food separate so that the cold food doesn’t absorb any heat.

By bunching all the hot dishes together they will help to keep each other warm for a long period of time.

Wrap the food in warm clothing

Another good alternative is to wrap your food in warm clothes, if you don’t want to wrap your food in a towel. Warm clothes are good insulators, so they will help to keep your food hot while traveling.

Wrap in cardboard or newspaper

Newspaper and cardboards act as good insulators. If you don’t have heat packs or warm clothes, you can wrap your food in newspaper or cardboard. Paper is a great insulator and can trap in heat. For the best results and to keep food hot as long as possible, wrap your food with multiple layers of newspaper.

Make your food extra hot

When you are traveling, remember that food is going to cool down overtime, so you should try to make it hotter than you usually would want to eat it. Make your food as hot as possible without ruining it because if you start with food that is the perfect temperature for eating, it will get cold soon and will be disgusting and lukewarm.

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In this blog, we have discussed the tips on how to keep food hot while traveling. We have provided 14 important methods by using which you can keep the food warm when you are traveling. 

We hope we have cleared up all your queries about the best methods on how to keep food hot while traveling. For more content like this keep visiting WeeMemories.

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