The Top 9 Coldest Place In Australia You Should Know

coldest place in australia

Australia may appear to be a hot country, and when you mention it, most people immediately picture the Outback. However, Australia is a tremendously diverse nation, and several of its regions equal the coldest regions of European nations. Let’s look at some of Australia’s coldest cities and learn a little bit about what makes them tick.

So without wasting any more time let’s move to the list of coldest place in Australia. 

The 9 Coldest Place In Australia: Quick List

  • Liawenee, Tasmania
  • Lithgow, New South Wales
  • Hobart, Tasmania
  • Collinsvale, Tasmania
  • Canberra, Australia Capital Territory
  • Orange, New South Wales
  • Launceston, Tasmania
  • Miena, Tasmania
  • Jindabyne, New South Wales

Liawenee, Tasmania

This is the most coldest and first place on the list of coldest place in Australia. There are only two permanent residents in Liawenee, Australia’s coldest town, a police officer and a fishery worker. Liawenee’s Great Lake, in the center of Tasmania, attracts a lot of would-be fishing champions during the more moderate summer months.

Average temperature:50.3ºF/10.2ºC
Hottest Month:January
Coldest Month:July
Coldest Temperature Recorded:2ºC/6.4°F on August 7, 2020

Lithgow, New South Wales

Lithgow, a well-known ancient mining town, is situated just west of the lovely, magnificent Blue Mountains. There are many historical and picturesque sites in and around the town, and the view is to die for. However, as it becomes rather cold in the winter, you might wish to travel in the summer.

Average temperature:40ºF/12.2ºC
Hottest Month:January
Coldest Month:July
Coldest Temperature Recorded:-3.2ºC/26.2°F on April 30, 2008

Hobart, Tasmania

In addition to being the first Australian city to have a casino, which opened in 1973, Hobart is renowned for being the capital of Tasmania. Additionally, the renowned Museum of Old and New Art is located there (MONA). Due to its deep-water harbor, Hobart also has a rich maritime history. Snow is infrequently present in the town, usually falling on the adjacent Mount Wellington, despite the fact that it can get fairly cold.

Average temperature:54.5ºF/12.5ºC
Hottest Month:January
Coldest Month:July
Coldest Temperature Recorded:-2.8ºC/27°F on June 25, 1972

Collinsvale, Tasmania

Another city in Tasmania boasting some of the purest air in the world is Collinsvale. Its heyday as a mining town is long gone, and these days the town is more laid-back and peaceful. Collinsvale experiences multiple snowy cold snaps recently despite having little snow on a regular basis. It also stays cool all year round.

Average temperature:56ºF/13.4ºC
Hottest Month:January
Coldest Month:July
Coldest Temperature Recorded:0.7ºC/33.2°F on April 4, 1888

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Canberra, Australia Capital Territory

This is another coldest place in Australia. Because it lies 600 meters above sea level, Australia’s capital city is substantially colder than the other most populous cities in the nation. In fact, a lot of people think Canberra was picked as the capital because it’s hip and far enough inland from the coast to prevent attack by opposing navies. The annual Floriade spring festival is the most well-attended event in the area.

Average temperature:58ºF/14.4ºC
Hottest Month:January
Coldest Month:July
Coldest Temperature Recorded:-3.7ºC/25.3°F on April 25, 1999

Orange, New South Wales

The dining in the area is upscale because Orange is primarily renowned as a vineyard hotspot that produces some of Australia’s best wines. Surprisingly, Orange’s history is deeply ingrained in the mining sector. The summers in Orange are pleasant, but the winters may be very chilly and rainy. Orange receives a lot of exposure to westerly winds, which is the key factor making it so chilly.

Average temperature:55ºF/12.7ºC
Hottest Month:January
Coldest Month:July
Coldest Temperature Recorded:-1.6ºC/29.1°F on April 23, 2006

Launceston, Tasmania

The second-largest city in Tasmania, Launceston has given up its urban vibe for a more rural and country one. Boutiques, spas, apparel stores, and other important retail locations abound throughout the village. There are many historical sites from the city’s 1800s past that you might visit if you’re in the mood for some sightseeing. Due to its location in a valley surrounded by mountains, Launceston benefits from a cool temperature.

Average temperature:55.4ºF/13ºC
Hottest Month:January
Coldest Month:July
Coldest Temperature Recorded:-1.5ºC/29.3°F on April 26, 1981

Miena, Tasmania

Miena, located in the center of Tasmania’s central highland, is not far from Liawenee. Due to the Great Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the nation, the city and its neighbors are popular vacation spots during the fishing season. Due to the abundance of springs, some people assert that the rainwater in Tasmania’s highlands is the cleanest on Earth.

Average temperature:7ºC/44.6ºF
Hottest Month:January
Coldest Month:July
Coldest Temperature Recorded:-7.7ºC/18.1°F on April 21, 2001

Jindabyne, New South Wales

This is the last place on the list of coldest place in Australia. Australia’s largest snow sports resort, Jindabyne, is named after the lake it overlooks. In reality, Jindabyne serves as a sort of ski town for popular adjacent ski resorts like Thredbo and Perisher. You could always go out for a day of fishing on the town’s crystal-clear lake if skiing isn’t your thing. Jindabyne experiences cold, wet winters and hot, dry summers like the majority of New South Wales.

Average temperature:11ºC/51.8ºF
Hottest Month:January
Coldest Month:July
Coldest Temperature Recorded:-8.4ºC/16.9°F on April 25, 1999

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In this blog, we have discussed the coldest place in Australia. Most people know Australia as a hot country but we have shown here the top 9 coldest places in Australia. In the coldest region of Australia, Liawenee, Tasmania, there are only two permanent residents; only tourists visit that place to visit the famous lake of Liawenee, Tasmania.

We hope we are able to clear all your queries related to the coldest place in Australia. For more interesting blogs like this keep visiting our site.


Is Sydney colder than Melbourne?

The reality is that Sydney’s summer temperatures are much less variable than Melbourne’s.

What is the coolest place in Australia?

The Best Places to Visit in Australia
1. Great Barrier Reef.
2. Daintree Rainforest.
3. Fraser Island.
4. Whitsundays.
5. Port Douglas.
6. Gold Coast. Victoria.
7. Twelve Apostles.

What’s the hottest city in Australia?

Oodnadatta in South Australia

Which Australian city has the best weather?

The city of Perth has the best weather/climate in Australia.

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