Cheapest Place To Live In Mexico – 8 Affordable Places

cheapest place to live in mexico

Moving to Mexico has many reasons, like the great weather, fascinating culture, breathtaking scenery, and delicious food. However, if you are retired, its cost is one of the biggest reasons to relocate there.

Living in Mexico is far less expensive than living in the US. In Mexico, you actually can live a rich lifestyle on a low salary. The 11 cheapest places to live in Mexico are listed in this post to assist you learn more about living there. If you want to know about the cheapest place to live in Oregon, then you can read our blog on it.

Most Cheapest Place to Live in Mexico

San Cristóbal de las Casas

The village of San Cristóbal de las Casas is located in the beautiful highlands of southern Chiapas. It is a historic town with lots to offer American expat retirees.

The town, albeit mostly recognised for its architecture, is also a cultural centre with a number of top-notch museums and art galleries. It’s always fun to stroll around the cobbled streets and stop by the local shops.

The numerous food stalls in the marketplaces that serve genuine Mexican food are a big lure. More restaurants, cafes, and bars have opened as a result of the area’s recent population growth. This provides a wide variety of entertainment choices for the people. It is the first cheapest place to live in mexico.

Oaxaca City

The Free and Sovereign State of Oaxaca, which is situated in southern Mexico, has Oaxaca City as its capital. The indigenous culture of the city is what is most well-known about it, and it is particularly evident in the food, art, and architecture.

The Zapotecs and the Mixtecs are two of the sixteen indigenous groups that have received formal recognition in the region. It’s a great area to live if you want to fully immerse yourself in Mexican tradition and culture because of this.

It is a spotless region of Mexico with amazing wildlife. Large conservative regions like the Benito Juárez National Park and the Lagunas of Chacahua National Park are also close by.

Real estate will be very affordable if you live in the southeast of the city. If you want culture and authenticity, it is the ideal vacation spot and a fantastic steal. It is the second cheapest place to live in mexico.


The majority of people think of Cancun when they picture sunny beaches, pricy resorts, and hordes of travellers. There are, in fact, two Cancuns: Centro, the original downtown area, and Zone Hotelera, which is centred on the beach strip and hotels.

Since it is far less expensive than the oceanfront, Cancun’s downtown has grown to be a favourite hangout for American expats. You can still experience the Cancun lifestyle without paying the price because it’s still only a few blocks from the beach.

You’ll quickly learn that Cancun is much more than you might have anticipated once you leave the Zone Hotelera. There are many intriguing places to explore in the area, including underground rivers, Mayan ruins, and caverns. The area is also rich in biodiversity.

Cancun also offers all the conveniences that seniors desire, such as shopping centres, cutting-edge medical centres, open markets, dining establishments, nightclubs, and tourist attractions. It is the third cheapest place to live in mexico.


With a population of 2.5 million, Puebla is a city in east-central Mexico, close to Mexico City. It is highly recognised for its amazing colonial architecture and delectable cuisine, which are its two main draws.

The village is bordered with vividly coloured structures that frequently feature Talavera painted tiles as decorations. Along with numerous museums, galleries, and performance spaces, the town’s centre also houses a sizable church from the Renaissance period.

The good weather, fantastic live music venues, and cafe scene are also favourites of expat retirees. Prices are still shockingly reasonable despite the fact that it is a lovely city with a lot to offer. It is the fourth cheapest place to live in mexico.

Santiago de Querétaro

The state of Querétaro, which is situated in central Mexico, is headquartered at Santiago de Querétaro. The city is renowned for its Spanish colonial architecture, which also features a substantial pink aqueduct and a number of significant baroque structures.

Given its stunning setting and high standard of living, Santiago de Querétaro offers a relatively cheap way of life. The cost of living in the city is around half that of New York City for a family of four, costing about $1600 USD plus rent. It is the fifth cheapest place to live in mexico.

Puerto Vallarta

Millions of tourists visit the well-known vacation city of Puerto Vallarta each year. American expats love it because of the sunny weather, white sand beaches, and vibrant nightlife.

Tourists are particularly prevalent in several areas of the city, such as the “Romantic Zone” and “Old Town.” However, you can discover an inexpensive apartment that offers a more laid-back lifestyle if you live a little beyond the city centre.

There are several fantastic restaurants, bars, and saunas in the town. The seafood restaurants are especially outstanding since they provide freshly caught fish that has been expertly prepared by chefs.

Expect to spend roughly $900 a month on living expenses overall and less than $400 for an inexpensive apartment outside of the city. It is the sixth cheapest place to live in mexico.


Due to the beautiful Mayan temples and archaeological sites nearby, Tulum is a well-known region of Mexico. In addition, it is well renowned for its magnificent beaches, which include golden sand and azure water.

On the Caribbean coast of Mexico, Tulum has witnessed a steady increase in retirees from the United States over the past ten years. The area is an excellent spot to retire because of its natural beauty as well as modern amenities like retail malls and healthcare clinics.

Despite the high expense of living near the beach, there are various areas close to Tulum that are more inexpensive when compared to the US. It is the seventh cheapest place to live in mexico.


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