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Best Places To Live In Utah For Families

When looking for a state to call home, Alaska could seem like the obvious choice if you enjoy being outside. If, however, you prefer warmer weather, the adventurous state of Utah can be the perfect fit.

Utah offers everything, from Zion National Park to Bryce Canyon to Arches National Park. Even the state capital, Salt Lake City, is named after one of the state’s many natural beauties.

What do you think of living in Utah? In Utah, there are a number of incredibly desirable neighborhoods, each with its own personality and redeeming qualities.

There are certain necessities that transcend demographics, whether you’re looking for a retirement house or a suburb to raise a family; closeness to commuter routes, crime rates, and health amenities are all to be taken into consideration while looking for a new home.

We will discuss the best places to live in Utah for families.

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Best Places To Live In Utah For Families

  • Park City
  • Fruit Heights
  • Greater Avenues
  • Summit Park
  • East Bench
  • Snyderville
  • Kaysville
  • Yalecrest
  • Wasatch Hollow
  • North Logan

Park City

This is the first place on the list of best places to live in Utah for families.

Park City comes in as the best location to live in Utah. This city in Summit County, which is located east of Salt Lake City, has just 7,963 residents.

Rent and house prices are very expensive here. There is an air of affluence in the region due to the $868,100 median property value. 

Despite the fact that the average monthly rent is $1,223, a sizable number of people still opt to rent. 

It is safe to conclude that there are plenty of houses available because 38% of the population chooses to live in rental housing.

In actuality, a buyer would be fortunate to locate desirable real estate in Park City for less than seven figures.

A big family home with three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a heated pool is yours for $1,125,000.

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Fruit Heights

This is the second place on the list of best places to live in Utah for families.

For many families considering relocating to Utah, Fruit Heights is a much more feasible and economical option for living. 

There are many reasons to adore Fruit Heights, a suburb of Salt Lake City with a typical house value of $317,800.

It should not come as a surprise to learn that this region is regarded as the greatest place to buy a house in Utah due to the significantly lower cost of housing.

A 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom family home with a cottage-like design that is overlooked solely by the sloping hills above is available to investors for $299,999.

Parents in Fruit Heights have struck it lucky when it comes to education; there are ten schools in total with excellent test results.

Greater Avenues

This is the third place on the list of best places to live in Utah for families.

It’s true that Greater Avenues’ greatest drawback is its high crime rate. As a Salt Lake City suburb, it is to be expected that crime rates will be higher than in rural areas, but in all other respects, Greater Avenues is on par with Fruit Heights.

They quickly affirm that there are more police patrols than before and that the residents feel really safe after listening to the locals. 

They are anxious to point out that everyone is benefiting from the region’s flourishing economy. 

Numerous hipster-style bars and cute coffee shops have opened nearby and are doing well.

Greater Avenues offers a wide range of housing alternatives, from condos to roomy family homes, with property costs averaging $389,000.

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Summit Park

This is the fourth place on the list of best places to live in Utah for families.

Parents, pay attention. Summit Park is where you should go if you want your children to attend some of Utah’s top schools. 

According to niche.com, Summit Park has been chosen as the community in Utah with the greatest public schools.

It seems that living close to a top-notch school is rarely cheap, and this is especially true of Summit Park.

30% of the 8,025 residents have a master’s degree or more, which is greater than the norm for American suburbs. 

This helps to explain the high housing value and high expense of living, as well as the median household income of $117,000 per year.

East Bench

This is the fifth place on the list of best places to live in Utah for families.

East Bench, a highly attractive suburb of Salt Lake City, is located to the southeast of the campus of the University of Utah.

The neighborhood includes the Salt Lake Country Club, the Bonneville Golf Course, and the Hogle Zoo, which is home to giraffes and tigers and is a terrific family outing.

In the East Bench, the price of real estate does differ. This is beneficial since there is a home for any budget. 

If you have seven figures to play with, you should go to Ambassador Way, where a big family house with four bedrooms and four bathrooms is listed for $1,400,000.

A cozy 2-bedroom family home with a sun-trapped garden would be more acceptable if you have a more modest budget to spend; it costs $299,000.

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This is the sixth place on the list of best places to live in Utah for families.

Route 80 can be used directly from Snyderville in the west into the Salt Lake City CDB. Snyderville is a commuter town that comes very close to being ideal. 

If Summit Park appealed to you because of the excellent education it offered but the high cost of housing, Snyderville might be the solution.

According to rankings, Snyderville is thought to have Utah’s second-best public school system. 

There are eight schools in the area, ranging from high school to elementary level, and each one is outperforming the national average.

There are 6,200 people living in this cozy, homey neighborhood, and they take great pride in the sense of community that they have built together.


This is the seventh place on the list of best places to live in Utah for families.

A Salt Lake City suburb, Kaysville is home to 29,213 people and is tucked away just off Route 15. 

Living here is quite well-liked. Excellent schools, low crime rates, and reasonably priced homes make it the perfect spot to raise a family.

Kaysville is a great place to start if you’re looking for a place to live in Utah but aren’t quite ready to climb the property ladder just yet. 

In Kaysville, where the typical rent is only $759, there is opportunity for expansion. Property prices are reasonable when you’re ready to invest. A family home will typically cost $275,700.

Locals claim to be supportive of growth in the area and pleased with the construction of new residences and businesses.

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This is the eighth place on the list of best places to live in Utah for families.

Despite its diminutive size, Yalecrest occupies a special spot in the heart of Salt Lake City. The neighborhood is just that—a neighborhood—even though 3,900 people call it home.

The local hangout is called Eggs in the City, located 1300 St. If you wish to mingle with the community brunching, this would be a good option.

The median monthly rent in Yalecrest is $1,150, making Kaysville a great choice for people looking to rent a home on a budget.

Be sure to look for employment options in the city that would allow you to afford your property here because it is safe to presume that many people who rent here do so on a respectable inner-city salary. Jobs are plentiful in Salt Lake City.

Wasatch Hollow

This is the ninth place on the list of best places to live in Utah for families.

Wasatch Hollow is a neighborhood located just south of Yalecrest. In fact, this small suburb is regarded as the best area in the Salt Lake City region to purchase real estate.

With the millennial population searching for their first houses, it is gaining popularity. Thus, value is increasing in addition to the great demand.

Wasatch Hollow is a sought-after location because of its properties. It’s the kind of location where you picture traditional American tree-lined roads with white-washed detached homes and children peddling lemonade on the pavement. 

The median property value is $353,200, yet it appears that the more expensive homes are listed for sale more frequently.

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North Logan

This is the tenth place on the list of best places to live in Utah for families.

To the northeast of Logan Central is the city of North Logan, which is located in Cache County. 

North Logan, just north of Kaysville, should be on the list of potential rental locations. Here, the typical monthly rent is $864, which is significantly less than the national average.

The affordable cost of living in North Logan may be the reason middle-class residents prefer to live here. 

The 9,300 residents who call North Logan home have an average household income of $64,500 annually, which allows them to live well despite not being high earners.

Locals assert that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is at the center of the community’s unity and that faith is what binds it together.

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In this blog, we have discussed the best places to live in Utah for families.

We have described the 10 best places to raise a family in Utah, these are the places which you should consider to raise a family in Utah.

We have described every single detail one needs to know before raising a family in Utah.

We hope we have cleared all your queries about the best places to live in Utah for families.

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