The 5 Best Place To Live In Tennessee You Can’t Miss

Best Place To Live In Tennessee

Are you curious about the best place to live in Tennessee? There are some very fantastic possibilities down down, though! Find out where in Tennessee you ought to relocate!

Moving to Tennessee, a state known for its country music, low cost of living, southern comfort food, and stunning natural scenery, might be the best choice you ever make. 

Tennessee is a nice state to live in and is ranked as the second-cheapest state in the nation to live as well as the best state to retire. 

The greatest places to live in Tennessee may be on your mind if you’re considering relocating to the Volunteer State.

Tennessee is home to more than 6.8 million people, so you can find a city with plenty of southern charm to suit your needs. 

This southern treasure is a blend of little villages and sprawling urban regions, from the rolling hills to the Great Smoky Mountains. 

To make your decision to move a little easier, our staff has put together this list of the 9 Best Place to Live in Tennessee by keeping safety, affordability, and beauty in mind. Learn more by reading on!

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Best Place To Live In Tennessee

  • Nashville
  • Brentwood
  • Franklin
  • Germantown
  • Collierville


As you might have guessed, “Music City” is on our list. There is a reason Nashville, the state capital of Tennessee, is ranked first on our list of the best locations to live in Tennessee for those migrating there. 

One of the most well-known and sought-after cities to live in the state is Nashville, which was founded in 1779 and is located on the Cumberland River. 

Those who live in Nashville, which is famous for its incredible nightlife and honky-tonk scene, come for the fun and stay for the music. 

There is always something to do in this city, which is full of amazing restaurants, downtown events, concerts, museums, and a thriving art sector. 

The charm of this community is what sets it apart and has given it the distinction of being one of Tennessee’s “Most Beautiful Towns.”

Check out our list of Nashville’s top neighborhoods.

Spend the day at Centennial Park’s The Parthenon, a life-size reproduction of the Greek goddess Athena’s temple that was constructed to honor her in Athens. 

For additional information on the origins and history of the music genre, see the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Although there are advantages and disadvantages to living in downtown Nashville, the housing market is not anything to be concerned about. 

Nashville was named as the “4th Best Real Estate Market in the United States” by WalletHub, despite the fact that prices may be increasing as a result of strong demand and low supply.

Expect to find a decent selection of modern high-rise apartments and single-family homes that will keep you close to the activity of this musical city.

This was a great addition to the list of best place to live in Tennessee.

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The borough of Brentwood was named the “21st Best Place to Live in America” and “The #1 Best Place to Live in Tennessee” in 2017. 

This Nashville suburb has about 42,000 residents as of the most recent estimate. 

Although Brentwood’s real estate costs are not the highest in Tennessee, living there has a premium in terms of both reputation and cost. 

You can reside in Brentwood and end up living next to a famous person since this Williamson County city is so sought-after. 

Due to Brentwood’s proximity to Nashville, celebrities like Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow, and Taylor Swift are known to reside there.

Even though Brentwood is the “7th Richest Small City in America,” it still manages to preserve a strong feeling of community while being safe and clean. 

You and your family will be able to experience firsthand the breathtaking natural beauty that Tennessee has to offer thanks to the more than a dozen parks in the region with open fields, walking, and bicycling trails. 

The amenities of Brentwood are well worth the money because of its renowned excellent school district and lovely public library. 

Residents adore living in Brentwood because it is close to the Nashville International Airport and has a walkable commercial district.

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The city of Franklin is situated close to Nashville. Franklin’s housing costs are 9% cheaper than the national average, and utilities costs are 10% lower, giving residents a dense suburban feel. 

The city of Franklin, which bears Benjamin Franklin’s name and was founded in 1799, formerly had a significant impact on the American Civil War. In actuality, this is where one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War occurred. 

Thousands of tourists flock to Franklin each year to see the location of the Battle of Franklin, which resulted in more than 9,500 casualties or wounds in less than five hours. 

The Carnton Plantation, which provides daily guided tours, served as the region’s biggest field hospital.

Another historical site in the city that frequently acts as a reminder of the conflict is the Carter House.

Discover nearly 200 restaurants, art galleries, antique stores, local boutiques, and Victorian-style architecture in what was named the “Best Southern Town” in 2014. 

The town not only offers school-aged youngsters a top-notch public education system, but it is also teeming with kind people and opportunities. 

Main Street in Downtown Franklin, which is ranked as the “8th Fastest-Growing City in the Nation,” is well renowned for its yearly festivals and parades.

Another great addition to the list of the best place to live in Tennessee is Franklin.

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Germantown, which is located in Shelby County, can be the spot for you if you’re thinking about relocating to the Memphis region. 

With a present population of around 40,000, this Memphis suburb is excellent for both young professionals and retirees. 

Germantown offers very affordable housing thanks to its low cost of living and the absence of state income tax in Tennessee. 

In fact, the region’s home income is regarded as among the greatest in the entire state.

Germantown features some of the state’s top-rated school districts in addition to having the lowest crime rate of any city in the state. 

This city, which is only fourteen miles from Memphis, is at an ideal position and has some of the best amenities.

The job market is booming in an economy that is predominantly driven by the retail and business sectors. 

This community, which was previously a well-liked stop on the Memphis-Charleston Railroad, was founded in 1852, and its downtown “Old Germantown” honors its historical significance and historical sites.

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Collierville, another Memphis suburb, is located in Shelby County and approximately 30 miles from the city center. 

Collierville, the state’s largest town by population, has 44,000 residents. Due to the low cost of living, this region is not only readily accessible, but this particular town also has a high standard of living. 

The average family income in this town is $110,000 per year, which is very high when compared to other places. 

Collierville is home to grand homes, both new and old, as well as well-liked retail businesses, all on lovely real estate.

The town’s historic square is situated in the center of Collierville. This strollable neighborhood is a charming and serene shopping district with independent stores, oddball cafes, and even a park that holds a summer concert series. 

The Avenue at Carriage Crossing is an 800,000-square-foot shopping center that locals adore visiting for additional shopping and fun. 

This enormous town also houses the Shelby County School District and numerous private schools. It is not surprising that Collierville is one of the most adored communities in the state.

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In this blog, we have discussed the best place to live in Tennessee.

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We have provided every necessary detail you need to know before visiting these places.

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